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    Corn Grinding Mill Machine Need Help from Cleaning and Peeling

    Date:2016-12-20 10:23:04 Writer:

    corn grinding mill machine


    The CORN GRINDING MILL MACHINE successful working needs help from cleaning and peeling sections. Why ? As we all know, if the corn into the machine cannot meet the requirement, the corn grinding mill machine effectiveness will be reduced variously. After cleaning and peeling, the corn will be send to grinding section. If the corn is not cleaned and peeled enough, the corn grinding mill machine’s working load will increase, which will lead to the machine wearing and shorten the machine life, and grinding effect will also decrease.


    How to ensure the corn grinding mill machine’s working effect ?


    1. The material entering the corn grinding mill machine should be clean and dry. Any hard and large impurity within the corn will influence the grinding process and effect. The metal and stone impurity will damage the machine, and exist in produced product. So the corn cleaning section is also important. Besides, if the moisture content of corn is higher than the standard requirement, it is difficult to get flour product. The flour product will occur joining together to become the flake. On basis of these two possibility, any corn into corn grinding mill machine should be clean and dry enough.


    2. The rollers distance of corn grinding mill machine should be strictly appropriate. Different corn grinding mill machine can produce different size product. If you want to get the flour, while the distance too far, the corn particle won’t be grinded enough; if you want to get grits, but the distance too close, the corn kernel will be directly grinded into flour. So the roller distance should be strictly adjusted according to the specific need.


    Corn grinding mill machine is not complicated and difficult to understand. What we need to do is only paying attention to the preparation details, and strictly obeying the standard requirements, then the corn grinding mill machine will produce qualified grain product. Henan Institute of Grain Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will provide the best quality corn grinding mill machine for you, and give you the professional advice on machine operation and maintenance. We will also provide perfect after sale service. Welcome to visit our factory and equipment site.


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